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Probate in Ontario and across Canada can be a  very complex and time-consuming process. If probate documents are prepared incorrectly, it can cause undue delay to the estate administration process. The rigorous rules, extensive documentary requirements and strict deadlines can take a toll on an executor, especially when they have their own work and family-life commitments.

Once probate is obtained, executors are frequently unaware what steps they should be taking and how to approach the responsibilities of an executor in administering an estate. The may unwittingly expose themselves to liabilities from beneficiaries, creditors and other-third parties, such as the Canada Revenue Agency.

We take the burden off loved ones and create a tailored plan to make the Probate and administration process as stress-free as possible. Bobila Walker Law and its estate lawyers support and advise executors who need assistance with the Probate process or with administering the deceased’s estate after probate is obtained.

We can also help by preparing the application for probate from start to finish so that executors can proceed with wrapping up the estate. Acting on behalf of an executor means that we:

  • maintain frequent contact with the executor to ensure the executor is aware and engaged every step of the way
  • prepare all filings with the Ontario court or courts of other jurisdiction (within a certain timeframe and limit) and respond to inquiries for further evidence or information
  • obtain information and documents from banks, government agencies, and other third parties
  • pay estate bills and expenses, safeguard assets and cancel utilities and other services and cards
  • evaluate, collect and pool assets
  • liaise with and make distributions to beneficiaries
  • minimize liability to the executor, including in relation to creditors and beneficiaries
  • ensure personal and estate tax returns are appropriately filed

Our executors also frequently ask us to assist them with updating their wills and estate plans. If you require assistance with probate or administering an estate, please contact one of our Ontario and Toronto probate and estate lawyers today at 416-847-1859.

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