Estate Litigation

Estate litigation can take many forms. Some of the kinds of matters the firm is able to handle:

  • Dependant Support Claims pursuant to Part V of the Succession Law Reform Act;
  • Constructive trusts and unjust enrichment claims;
  • Probate litigation to dispute the validity of wills on the basis of incapacity of the testator, fraud or forgery, undue influence over the testator, defective execution of the will, and forgery;
  • Trust litigation to challenge or defend the construction of a trust or the actions of a trustee;
  • Estate trustee litigation to challenge the actions of an executor or trustee in managing the financial
  • Affairs of the estate or trust;
  • Passing of Accounts proceedings to challenge or defend the management of an estate or trust;
  • Estate trustee removal proceedings to remove a trustee, executor, or guardian because of misconduct or incompetence;
  • Spousal rights court

    proceedings to present the rights of a spouse to inherit, as well as to analyze the validity of prenuptial agreements.

  • Family Law Act Election pursuant to s. 5(2) of the Family Law Act;
  • Claims pursuant to s. 44 and s.45 of the Estates Act.
  • Will, Estate, Trust Disputes
  • Dependant Support Claims
  • Passing of Estate Accounts, Trustee, Attorney, Guardian and Fiduciary Accounts

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