Cross Border Estates

The death of a loved one raises many complex, and often difficult, emotional and practical matters. Unfortunately, these can easily cause disagreements. There may be ambiguities in a Will that lead to different interpretations, an argument over the valuation of the deceased’s estate or uncertainty as to whether it is being administered properly. Whether these disagreements are between beneficiaries, surviving family members and friends, the deceased’s creditors or those responsible for the administration of the deceased’s estate (the executors), it’s vital to get specialist legal advice early on. In a world where many individuals invest internationally, we understand the complexities of foreign estate and probate laws. We have experience in inheritance matters involving several jurisdictions.

These multi-jurisdictional matters can involve the inheritance of foreign assets by heirs located in the Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia or other parts of the world.

If you own real property or another asset in a foreign country, we can help you determine how to pass that asset to beneficiaries with the fewest complications. Planning ahead for this transfer of property can eliminate lengthy procedures and ensure that your assets are protected from domestic and foreign estate taxes.

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